BuzzFeed Fan Arrested on Potential Terror Charges

Posted by on Dec 22, 2016 at 8:05 am

Sure, his connection to online sewer BuzzFeed is tenuous, but we’re just employing some of BuzzFeed’s famed journalistic standards to see how they like it.

A joint terrorism task force is investigating whether a 21-year-old man has connections to terrorism after he was arrested at the New Port Richey, Florida home he shares with his parents.

Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco said on Twitter Wednesday it would be foolish for him to say the case is “definitely not connected to terrorism.”

Paramedics were called to the home Wednesday morning after Sherif Elganainy’s father became unresponsive.  He was taken to a hospital.

His mother called deputies to ask them to check out suspicious fumes she said were in her home.

The sheriff’s office says “suspicious materials” were in Elganainy’s bedroom.

When deputies attempted to arrest Elganainy, he became violent.

Wow, a violent Muslim? Whodathunkit?  Meanwhile, a look at his Facebook page shows he’s a fan of BuzzFeed Food, whatever the hell that is. So should we assume all BuzzFeed Food fans are possible terrorists or are potential terrorists fans of BuzzFeed?

That’s when Sherif returned home from the hospital. Nocco said Sherif “violently” attacked deputies and tried to get their guns away from them. They managed to take him into custody, but one deputy came out with a broken hand and another suffered a head injury. They were both taken to the hospital.

“They were basically in a fight for [their] lives,” Sheriff Nocco explained during a news conference Wednesday evening. “Don’t put your hands on a Pasco deputy. Bad things will happen.”

Sherif Elganainy was taken to the hospital.

Afterward deputies said they found the same smell the mother reported, and were working on a search warrant. The Hillsborough County Bomb Squad, Pasco Fire Rescue and Pasco Emergency Management were on the scene to help conduct the search.

“There are materials in there that give us concern,” Nocco said. “His actions, statements that he’s made, previous things that have occurred in this house, that have now been reported today to us, give us a lot of concern.”


3 Responses to “BuzzFeed Fan Arrested on Potential Terror Charges”

  1. dahozho on 22/22/16 at 9:11 am

    Let me guess, he was also a fan of Samy’s recipes? If he’d read the instructions properly, they start off by stating you are supposed to make your bombs “in the basement of your mom” and not in your bedroom.
    That the father attacked the deputies as well shows the whole family should return to the (i)slamic country of their choice.

  2. Michelle on 22/22/16 at 11:30 am

    1 – he is no terrorist, he has a mental health issue and is off his meds which causes him to get lost in his own psychosis every one of his past criminal record can be directly linked to his mental health and habit of self medicating but our mother has been pleading for help with him for years within the judicial system

    2 – he is not even Muslim, his father may be Muslim but even he isn’t a practicing Muslim and his mother is Irish Catholic!

    3 – his father had no part in the attack on officers maybe you should learn to read before you go on a racist tyrate. His father wasn’t released from the hospital until several hours after the attack, the family warned authorities he was mentally ill and prone to violence when he is off his meds!

    4 – we are AMERICANS, our mother was born and raised in NYC, his father (my step father) maybe be of middle eastern decent but he is a naturalized American Citizen

    5 – we are a decent GOD loving family who are proud to be Americans and proud to be a mixed family. His parents are seniors with poor health but they have been trying to help him as best the could for years this is not something any parent can prepare for nor would expect of their child

  3. name goes here on 26/26/16 at 6:08 am

    When will the crackdown on potential terrorists on Fakebook and Twatter begin?