Bullseye: Clinton Sycophants Chuck Todd and Andrea Mitchell Butthurt Over Brilliant Ted Cruz ‘Office Space’ Ad Skewering Hillary

Posted by on Feb 12, 2016 at 2:13 pm

This brilliant spot has been trending on Twitter most of the day, with very few people objecting; mostly humorless lefties. Speaking of which, Clinton campaign aides Chuck Todd and Andrea Rodham Mitchell expressed their displeasure.

ANDREA MITCHELL: Ted Cruz has had very edgy, clever, some would say, ads. But there’s a question. I just want to play part of this Office Space spoof for you. Because I was talking to a political science professor just yesterday about civility and discourse in this campaign. We talked about profanity, a lot of other obvious issues and then this pops up.

[Clip of Ted Cruz “Office Space” ad.]


CHUCK TODD: That was a little rough. That was a little uncomfortable to watch.

MITCHELL: Yeah!  First of all, Ted Cruz is not running against Hillary Clinton yet. And I just think the parody is great in politics or anything, but —

TODD: Whatever. There was the line. That looked vicious. It was sort of, whatever it is, whatever that line —

MITCHELL: I’m not sure it plays in South Carolina, the Bible Belt.

TODD: I’m not sure if it does either. I don’t know if it does either.

They’re not the target audience, you idiots.

If this was a Democrat ad roasting a Republican there’d be guffaws all over the place and it would be running on an endless loop at MSNBC. But it shreds their sacred cow and the butthurt is palpable.

Cruz helpfully made the entire clip available:

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