British Black Lives Matter Clowns Protest ‘Racist’ Climate Change

Posted by on Sep 06, 2016 at 7:37 am

It’s gotten so bad with these lunatics that something that doesn’t even exist is racist. And they actually receive media attention for this crackpot nonsense.

London City Airport has been brought to a standstill by Black Lives Matter demonstrators who stormed the runway early this morning to protest against the UK’s ‘racist climate crisis’.

The mayhem began at 5.40am when nine protesters chained themselves to a tripod in the middle of the tarmac to ‘highlight the UK’s environmental impact on the lives of black people’, cancelling dozens of flights and delaying several more.

The incident has triggered huge security concerns amid reports the demonstrators – who witnesses described as ‘white and middle class’ – managed to get airside by sailing a blow-up dinghy across the Royal Docks.

Despite the serious breach, police spent several hours ‘negotiating’ with those responsible as they waited for ‘specialist resources’ to unlock them, causing chaos for passengers.

It was only after six hours that all the protesters were successfully removed from the site and taken into police custody.

Even more pathetic, we don’t see any actual black people here:


The demonstrators are part of the British wing of a campaign set up in the US to protest about black Americans being shot by police – although the original branch of the group has never campaigned about climate change.

Because as nutty as they are, even they’re not that crazy. Needless to say, passengers weren’t very sympathetic to these psychopaths.:

‘I am sitting at City airport delayed with hundreds of other people. We are all asking the same questions, how can it take this long to remove a few people?’ he said.

‘Why are we giving these ridiculous group of individuals the exposure they clearly desire? ‘

Mr Twomey, who works in maintenance in the building industry, added that the reasons for the protest are ‘ridiculous’. 

You are correct, sir.


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