“Black lives don’t matter to black people with guns”

Posted by on Mar 30, 2016 at 7:32 am

It was a white judge who said this, so expect his life to be made miserable by the Black Lives Matter thugs.

A Manhattan judge on Tuesday lashed into a Harlem man convicted of attempted murder — telling him that “black lives don’t matter to black people with guns” before tossing him in prison for 24 to 26 years.

“Black lives matter,” Justice Edward McLaughlin told defendant Tareek Arnold, 24, as he sentenced him in Manhattan Supreme Court.

“I have heard it, I know it, but the sad fact is in this courtroom, so often what happens is manifestations of the fact that black lives don’t matter to black people with guns.”

Arnold, who is black, shot rival Jamal McCaskill, also black, four times at close range in the summer of 2015. He also has a prior gun possession conviction.

Prosecutor Meghan Hast asked for the maximum, arguing that “but for extreme luck, this would have been a homicide.”

Bizarrely, McCaskill, 39, testified for the defense and insisted that Arnold wasn’t the culprit even though the Harlem shooting was caught on surveillance video.

That spurred McLaughlin to lash into the victim, as well, who was in court Tuesday sitting with Arnold’s family.

Black lives don’t matter to the thugs in Chicago, either, especially to the famed “community organizer” currently occupying the White House.

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