Bill de Blasio shows he’s useless no matter where he goes

Posted by on Feb 03, 2016 at 7:28 am

Trying to understand the reasons for Bill de Blasio’s sudden trip to Iowa, I decided to run a list of legitimate possibilities through my mind. That’s when I had an epiphany — there weren’t any.

He was going for the same reason that tin-pot dictators gin up fake tensions with neighbors: To distract a restless public from the festering sores at home.

So it is with de Blasio. Careening from one scandal to another, interrupted only by failure and acrimony, he got out of Dodge to escape the heat. The proof that there was no other motive came whenHillary Clinton’s campaign said it had no use for him, a position confirmed by the fact that he never saw Clinton in Iowa.

An uninvited party-crasher, he spent three days ringing doorbells and annoying innocent residents in a bid to make himself appear a big-time political player. He actually made himself look like a foolish amateur.

No surprise, but the mess he tried to leave behind didn’t fix itself and the Putz returned to a pivotal moment in his tenure. He’s pushing two unpopular bills through the council that appear to be so thoroughly corrupt that there is a public outcry — and should be a criminal investigation.

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