Awkward, pandering spectacle of Hillary Clinton trying to ‘be real’

Posted by on Jan 16, 2016 at 4:46 pm

Last Wednesday night, an hour-long interview with Hillary Clinton, presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, aired on television. This alone is remarkable. Few candidates at this level, at this stage of the election cycle, grant any media outlet that much time.

Even more remarkable: This sit-down wasn’t with “60 Minutes,” Charlie Rose or “Meet the Press.” Instead, Clinton took questions from little-known former rock ’n’ roll groupie and celebrity-hanger-on Amanda de Cadenet, who has a talk show on the Lifetime network.

The event was not heavily publicized — curious, as the network is attempting to rebrand itself. Landing Hillary should have been an obvious coup: the longest sit-down of 2016 with the first viable female presidential candidate, here on a network expressly for women.

But it’s easy to see why they buried it. Here was the candidate, perched uncomfortably in the corner of a fluffy white couch, arm resting on a needlepoint pillow that read “A Woman’s Place is in the White House,” fielding questions about emotional wounds, abandonment issues, triggers, the shame and fear of womanhood — basically everything we associate with Hillary Clinton.

“How do you process all the emotion coming at you?” de Cadenet asked, before advising one of the world’s most powerful women to “process it somewhere at home, because if you don’t . . . yeah.”

“This is so much fun!” Hillary squealed.

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