Ann Coulter Wants to See More Violence From Lunatic Trump Supporters

Posted by on Mar 14, 2016 at 7:49 am

Trump sure does bring out the crazy in his supporters.

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter late Sunday weighed into the debate over Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump‘s increasingly physical campaign events, calling for “a little more violence.”

She suggested in another tweet that some Trump supporters are simply “exhibiting manly temper” at rallies, likening it to the stamina of U.S. Marines.

A lot of people are pissing away their careers with their support of Trump, and people won’t be coming back:

Trump’s GOP and Democratic presidential rivals have panned the increasing unrest at his campaign events, following a series of scuffles on Friday night after his Chicago rally was canceled.
Images emerged on social media showing some bloodied faces, and video has shown multiple punches thrown between Trump supporters and protesters.

So violent Trump supporters will be doing battle with violent leftists between now and Election Day. Wonderful.


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3 Responses to “Ann Coulter Wants to See More Violence From Lunatic Trump Supporters”

  1. Christian Toto on 14/14/16 at 9:04 pm

    I’ve listened to Rush loyally for decades. The thought of tuning him in now turns my stomach. After upholding conservative principles in such an eloquent fashion he gave Trump an unbelievable pass week after week. He’s one of many people to blame for Trump’s ascent. What a shame. Not sure I’ll ever listen regularly again.

  2. Redwine on 15/15/16 at 2:51 am

    I’m with you, Christian. Rush sold his soul for a mess of pottage named Trump.
    Levin understood the signs completely, and took a principled stand. For good reason, Levin’s star is rising.d

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