Alcohol or Alzheimer’s? Rapidly Aging Democrat Nominee Again Suffers Memory Loss

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This loathsome cretin thinks she can just skate by with her felonious behavior. And she’s probably right. Just imagine if the GOP didn’t nominate one of her donors as her so-called opponent.

Hillary Clinton insisted on Wednesday that there is zero chance a criminal indictment will impede her march to the White House, saying that ‘absolutely that is not going to happen.’

‘There is no basis for it and I’m looking forward to this being wrapped up as soon as possible,’ she said of the FBI investigation that continues to swirl around the thousands of classified documents that resided on her unsecured homebrew email server while she was secretary of state.

Clinton appeared in a Fox News Channel interview for the first time in two years as part of a whirlwind media tour celebrating her completion of the presidential primary season with the Democratic Party’s nomination seemingly in hand.

But she provided scant justification for doubling down on earlier pronouncements that she has nothing to worry about.

We pretty much expect criminal behavior from Democrats based on decades of precedent. It’s the smugness that grates even more. You want to just slap the taste out of her mouth.

FBI agents confirmed to a federal court on Monday that they recovered records from Clinton’s server, and from other electronic devices, calling that material ‘evidence’ in a ‘pending investigation.’

A damning report from the State Department’s inspector general complicated matters last week, criticizing Clinton for ignoring established data security guidelines for her email setup.

Clinton and her top aides all avoided talking to investigators in that case.

‘What they wanted to ask, we’d already talked about … in the public arena,’ she said Tuesday, while not explaining how she knew what their questions would have been.

Clinton also repeated her claim that the classified documents on her private server – some categorized as ‘Top Secret’ and above – were never ‘marked classified’ when she encountered them.

And she said she had no memory of signing a statement in 2009, when she took office, acknowledging that ‘classified’ designations applied to government secrets whether or not they were labeled that way.

Sure, let’s make this vindictive, angry drunk president. What could possibly go wrong?

A Washington Post reporter snared 10 minutes with Clinton earlier on Wednesday, slipping in a question about the email episode after her allotted time had expired.

‘I could ask you very super quickly about the FBI interview,’ the reporter blurted. ‘Has it been scheduled and would you like to get it over with?’

Clinton laughed.

More of an evil cackle.

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