After Orlando, can we finally take the gloves off?

Posted by on Jun 13, 2016 at 6:43 am

Fifteen years after 9/11, Islamic terror is losing its power to shock. Fourteen dead in San Bernardino at a community center. Fifty dead in Orlando at a nightclub. A 19-year-old shot dead at a traffic light in West Orange, NJ. Marines and sailors killed at a recruiting station in Chattanooga, Tenn.. The Boston Marathon. What’s next? A better question: What isn’t next?

The numbness is taking hold. What once seemed as impossible and distant as a walk on the moon is taking on the air of inevitability: You and I — any of us, all of us — will wake up one day to find that it is our son, our daughter, our parents or our neighbors who were blown away at a nightclub in the small hours, at a shopping mall at noon, on a bus in the center of town, in a stadium parking lot, or in their beds as they slept.

They are coming. ISIS publishes “kill lists” of Americans. We are all on it, every one of us.

No one yet knows whether the Orlando monster, Omar Mateen, was connected in a formal way to ISIS, al Qaeda, or any of the agents of global jihad. He may have been acting on his own. One thing’s for sure — he didn’t pull the idea of blowing away homosexuals out of his hat. Yet Mateen’s father told NBC that his son’s murder of 50 Americans at a gay nightclub had “nothing to do with religion.” It strains credulity.

Most world religions have at one time or another expressed intolerance of homosexuality. Only one that I am aware of is currently putting people to death for the “crime” of being gay — and not just in ISIS-controlled areas.

You don’t have to be Bernard Lewis to know that Omar Mateen was motivated by his Islamic faith to kill gay Americans. It would be nice if we could speak openly about this. It would be even better if our major media outlets wouldn’t twist themselves into politically correct pretzels trying to avoid “speculation” about a motive. Sometimes a jihad is just a jihad.

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