ABC News/WaPo Poll: Both Cruz and Rubio Crush Trump Head-to-Head

Posted by on Mar 08, 2016 at 7:28 am

It’s almost as if people have figured out Trump isn’t a conservative and has no chance in hell of winning in November. Hopefully once things shake out in a couple of week either Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio will join forces and take the Orange Meathead out.

Donald Trump’s facing a wall within his party, with Republicans who don’t currently support him far more apt to prefer Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio in a two-way race — or even to favor a contested convention to block Trump’s nomination.

Trump continues to lead in a new ABC News/Washington Post poll, with 34 percent of Republicans and Republican-leaning Independents who are registered to vote saying they’d like to see him win the nomination. But he trails both Cruz and Rubio one-on-one. And preferences for Cruz, Rubio and John Kasich have grown as others have left the race, while Trump’s support has essentially remained unchanged for months.

In the current multi-candidate race, 25 percent say they’d like to see Cruz win the nomination, with 18 percent for Rubio and 13 percent for Kasich; those are +4, +7 and +11 points compared with January, respectively, to new highs for each. Trump, by contrast, peaked at 38 percent in December. (In a difference from previous matchups, this poll asked respondents whom they’d like to see win, rather than whom they’d vote for, since the primaries are underway.)

In hypothetical two-way matchups, Cruz leads Trump by 54-41 percent and Rubio leads Trump by 51-45 percent in this poll, produced for ABC by Langer Research Associates. While the latter lead isn’t statistically significant, both are further signs of the apparent limits to Trump’s popularity within his party. Indeed, among non-Trump supporters, seven in 10 say they’d prefer Cruz, and as many say they’d pick Rubio, in head-to-head contests.

Two key groups help Cruz outperform Rubio mano-a-mano against Trump: strong conservatives and evangelical white Protestants. Cruz leads Trump by 60-34 percent among very conservative registered leaned Republicans and by 64-31 percent among evangelical white Protestants. Rubio’s margins vs. Trump in those groups are a closer 56-41 percent and 55-42 percent, respectively.

Both Cruz and Rubio run up the score among those who value experience over being an outsider and who oppose Trump’s signature issues, deporting undocumented immigrants and banning Muslims from entering the country. They also benefit from vast margins among women, more than six in 10 of whom choose either Rubio or Cruz over Trump. Trump wins a smaller majority of men.

So Trump will never see 50% of the GOP vote and has no hope of seeing that against either Grandma Clinton on the lunatic Bernie Sanders. Sorry, Trumpkins, this just isn’t happening.


2 Responses to “ABC News/WaPo Poll: Both Cruz and Rubio Crush Trump Head-to-Head”

  1. Duh...WINNING on 9/09/16 at 3:23 pm

    What happened last night in Michigan, Mississippi, and Hawaii?
    Newsflash-We don’t give a rat’s ass about your polls or fraud media.

  2. J.B. on 9/09/16 at 5:29 pm


    It’s basic math, Einstein.

    I’ll dumb it down for you:

    Let’s say there are 100 apples that will be handed out by the teacher to be split between 5 deserving kiddos.

    The class gets to vote how many apples to give to each kiddo.

    The first vote goes as follows:

    Donny gets 35 apples.
    Teddy gets 30 apples.
    Rudy gets 20 apples.
    Johnny gets 15 apples.

    Oh, look! Donny won………he got more apples than anybody!

    Oh, no! Rudy and Johnny have to leave class. Now those 100 apples have to be split between just Donny and Teddy! Let’s vote again.

    Donny still only gets his 35 apples.

    Teddy still gets his original 30 apples, but now he’s picked up the other 35, as well. Now he has 65 apples! Winner!

    Math. It’s a wonderful thing.