You’ll Never Guess Who’s a ‘Tea Party Favorite’

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 at 2:01 pm

When we learned about Ted Cruz announcing his candidacy for the GOP nomination early this morning he was identified as “Tea Party favorite” Ted Cruz, so we sensed already that was the direction the media was going. During the day we’ve heard numerous news accounts reciting the same line. The strategy is quire clear, and you can be sure the media cohorts in the Democratic Party (and to some extent in the GOP) believe linking anyone with the dreaded Tea Party is a political death sentence.

Little did we know how much the pack mentality had already taken hold, so we tweeted a bunch of links. As far as we can tell they’re all individual stories, not a wire account picked up by the other sources.

This might be news to others who thought they were the Tea Party favorite:

This clown ratchets up the Cruz hate:

Did we mention he’s a Tea Party favorite yet?

If you’re not a Tea Party favorite, you might well be a favorite of the Tea Party:

A nod to the ladies:

Now back to Ted Cruz.

This one may be satire. Or just deranged.

The media is just soooo original:

You don’t say? Even some conservative outlets got in on the fun:

If you’re used to the lamestream media, you can just say Tea Party favorite is the new mostly peaceful in the media echo chamber.

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