White House Shocked at David Cameron’s Incompetence Over Syria; Yes, Really

Posted by on Sep 22, 2015 at 8:01 am

This is laughable. The crew that brought us the red line in Syria is pointing fingers at someone else? You can’t make this stuff up.

The savage critique of Mr Cameron’s foreign policy skills comes at the worst possible time for Number 10 because it is planning to ask MPs to vote for military action against Islamic State in Syria in weeks.

The book reveals astonishment inside the White House at the Government’s ‘incompetence’ over the vote in 2013 to take military action against Syrian despot Bashar al-Assad.

The vote was lost after the Prime Minister wrongly assumed he had Labour’s support in the bag’.

One Obama administration insider says: ‘It was one of those astonishing displays of incompetence that sort of leaves you wondering about how, you know, have we all got this far?’

Jesus H. Christ, you people cannot be serious.

For four years, the Obama administration has engaged in what Frederic Hof, former special adviser for transition in Syria, calls a “pantomime of outrage.” Four years of strongly worded protests, and urgent meetings and calls for negotiation — the whole drama a sickening substitute for useful action. People talking and talking to drown out the voice of their own conscience. And blaming. In 2013, President Obama lectured the U.N. Security Council for having “demonstrated no inclination to act at all.” Psychological projection on a global stage.

Always there is Obama’s weary realism. “It’s not the job of the president of the United States to solve every problem in the Middle East.” We must be “modest in our belief that we can remedy every evil.”

But we are not dealing here with every problem or every evil; rather a discrete and unique set of circumstances: The largest humanitarian failure of the Obama era is also its largest strategic failure.

Now they’re actually pointing fingers. Just pathetic.

This was not some humanitarian problem distant from the center of U.S. interests. It was a crisis at the heart of the Middle East that produced a vacuum of sovereignty that has attracted and empowered some of the worst people in the world. Inaction was a conscious, determined choice on the part of the Obama White House. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and CIA Director David Petraeus advocated arming favorable proxies. Sunni friends and allies in the region asked, then begged, for U.S. leadership. All were overruled or ignored.

We can’t be done with these incompetent schmucks soon enough.

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