White House: Fight Gun Violence by Expanding Medicaid, or Something

Posted by on Oct 06, 2015 at 3:07 pm

Well, if the the confiscation fantasy doesn’t work, we always have ObamaCare!

White House press secretary Josh Earnest on Tuesday said the GOP’s 2016 presidential field could help fight gun violence by pushing for the expansion of Medicaid.

“We have heard [Republican White House] candidates talk about an openness to work with the administration on gun violence,” he told reporters during the White House’s daily press briefing.

“Many of them talk about improving mental healthcare,” Earnest said. “One of the biggest providers of mental healthcare — especially in disadvantaged communities — is Medicaid.”

We don’t recall any of them saying they want to work with Obama. Besides, why on earth would they work with him?

“For those who say they want to work with the administration in limiting gun violence, we would welcome the support for the Affordable Care Act and expanding Medicaid.”

Sure, we can work with such insane people. Why not?

Last week’s bloodshed is sparking new national debate over gun control regulations heading into the 2016 presidential election cycle.

No, there isn’t any debate. There’s just the usual suspects exploiting an event for cheap political gain, and it’s all coming from one side — the one that always losing every gun control fight. But hey, they’re not politicizing anything.

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