What a Clown: De Blasio’s ‘Deeply Personal’ Mets Tweets Were Written by a Staffer

Posted by on Nov 03, 2015 at 8:11 am

Is there anything authentic about this buffoon?

A series of deeply personal, pro-Mets tweets supposedly sent out byMayor de Blasio during Sunday night’s World Series Game 5 weren’t as personal as they were cracked up to be — since they were actually sent out by a lowly staffer, according to a report.

The oft-retweeted messages appeared to come straight from the mayor’s Red Sox-loving, Mets-sympathizing heart, as they liberally used the pronoun “I.”

“It’s been a privilege to watch this team. I’m a born and bred Red Sox fan,” the account tweeted, giving no hint it was not de Blasio’s personal game-time musings, the New York Times reported.

“Something happens when you’re a Sox fan living here for a few decades,” he added as the Amazin’s went down to defeat. “You slowly fall in love with the Mets.”

One tweet even took a poke at Yankee fans, as the writer recalled the Red Sox’s come-from-behind ALCS victory in 2004, when Boston pitcher Curt Schilling beat the Bombers with an injured ankle that bled though his sock.

“And of course that bloody sock,” the pseudo mayor tweeted. “I’ve seen magic in this world. Real, honest to god magic . . .”

The bogus mayor using the authentic account then tweeted, in an apparent effort to rally Mets fans, “This is all to say . . . I’ve seen it happen. I’ve been witness. I’ve been here.”

Despite those very personal-sounding tweets, the messages were written and sent out by a City Hall aide, de Blasio’s staff admitted Monday.

The moron should have the good grace to delete this nonsense:

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