“We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened”

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 at 7:48 am

Sure, only a few minor attacks, like both World Trade Center attacks, the Boston marathon, San Bernardino. Nothing major.

This is your brain on Bernie Sanders.

But Democrats are not as worried about terrorism as independents and Republicans, according to the Gallup survey. Only 9% of Democrats cited terrorism as their top issue, while 15% of independents and 24% of Republicans said the same. The economy remained the top concern for Democrats, with 21% telling Gallup it was a significant problem.

The split is particularly notable in the race for the Democratic nomination. Over a dozen interviews with prospective Democratic caucus goers in Iowa earlier this month found that Clinton’s supporters are far more worried about ISIS than Sanders’ backers.

Terrorism “is really not that big of an issue to me,” said Michael Fett, a 33-year old musician who will caucus for the first time in February when he backs Sanders. “We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened.” Fett added that when he caucuses for Sanders on February 1 it will be income inequality and the state of the economy that compel him to stand for the senator, not Sanders’ plan to fight ISIS.

Weird how these Democrats complain about the economy, but never explain why Obama’s economy is so terrible.

That sentiment was echoed throughout Sanders’ recent trip across Iowa, with Sanders supporters in Dubuque, Waterloo and Mount Vernon all telling CNN that they are more worried about “racist” responses to ISIS — like Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims coming into the United States — than they are about actually defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

Wait, talking about ISIS is racist now?

This fear mongering going on right now is a distraction, that is all it is,” Dick Carter, a retired University of Iowa employee, said in Mount Vernon. “It has nothing to do with terrorism.”

Rachel Engel, a 19-year old college student, agreed, arguing that it is racism towards Muslim Americans that is more of a concern for her.

“I think the fight against people who are ignorant about who terrorists are is very important to me, more than” the actual fight against ISIS, she said. “The ignorance in this country about all Muslims being terrorists is a very big problem right now.”

The ignorant lecturing about ignorance is just precious.

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10 Responses to ““We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened””

  1. adampm on 15/15/15 at 10:23 am

    Wow. The scary thing is Iowa is supposed to have one of the better education systems in the country.

  2. GWB on 15/15/15 at 10:51 am

    Is there a way we can trick all these utter morons into heading to Canada or Mexico for a weekend, and revoking their passports while they’re gone? At least until after next November?

  3. Fenn on 15/15/15 at 11:31 am

    “Terrorism is really not that big of an issue to me… We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened.”

    The new “courage” – dismissing the threat of terrorism by betting the odds it will happen to someone else.

  4. Stephanie on 15/15/15 at 11:51 am

    The English weren’t too worried about it either until the week after 9/11 when all their Muslims suddenly donned hijab and started sharia patrols in force and they realized they were at war.

  5. red speck on 15/15/15 at 11:58 am

    The ignorance in this country about liberals being sentient, rational beings is a very big problem right now.

  6. doesky2 on 15/15/15 at 12:17 pm

    As Prager says…..

    When you are unwilling to fight real evil (ISIS) you make up imaginary evils (global warming).

    The Right fights evil, the Left fights carbon emissions.

  7. Bob from NSA on 15/15/15 at 12:36 pm

    These leftist dummies consider conservatives a greater national security threat than Islamic terrorist groups. You would think the disparate body counts would deter them from such blatant stupidity, but apparently Democrats can’t math. What a bunch of oxygen thieves.

  8. Rusty Bill on 15/15/15 at 11:12 pm

    Question for the left: How many dead bodies do you consider acceptable? Be specific.

  9. Bunky Hoohah, free range pundit on 16/16/15 at 3:09 pm

    First- what race exactly are “muslims”?

    Also, add the muslim psychopath attack at Fort Hood to the list of terrorist attacks. And the muslim loon attacking the recruiting center in Chattanooga.