WaPo Slobbers Over Benghazi ‘Survivor’ Hillary Clinton: ‘Well, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’

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After reading this grossly fawning “profile” of Granny Clinton we’re left wondering how much the Clinton Foundation donated to the Washington Post. It’s a sure sign of desperation by her media handlers that such fetid piece of revisionist history is appearing 18 months out from the general election. It’s a long piece and here are a couple of the lowlights:

Clinton was presenting herself as a mother, just like those gathered around the table with her. And maybe if she said it often enough — believed it hard enough — voters would see her as she likes to see herself.
And, anyway, about that confession: She can’t sing a lick. Years ago, Clinton told the group, amid laughter, that she would rock young Chelsea to sleep by singing her favorite song, “Moon River.” Her daughter was less than appreciative, her tiny finger pressing into her mother’s lips.

“No sing, Mommy,” Clinton recalled Chelsea saying, some of the child’s first words. Clinton was a young mother then and is a 67-year-old grandmother now, and my, how fast the time goes. The parents nodded.

First words of most kids are “goo,” “uh,” and “me,” but Chelsea’s were “no sing, Mommy.”  Sure, that’s believable.

Clinton was grooving now, comfortable and in command, offering a tender version of herself in a place where no one would challenge her about her e-mail accounts, or the attack on the U.S. diplomatic compound in Benghazi, Libya, or the ugly political fights of the past four decades. Where no one would bring up the psychological Kevlar she wears into every room, the unyielding mind-set that has defined her since she was a child and still fuels her now.

Psychological Kevlar? Why would someone need that if they simply went about their business telling the truth? Why the need for psychological Kevlar?

“She will not give up when she knows she’s right,” says Sara Ehrman, a friend and confidante of Clinton’s since the 1970s. “She will not give up. And it is admirable — and annoying.”

Or as Clinton put it in a 2012 e-mail to a State Department colleague bracing to testify on Benghazi before the Senate Foreign Relations Committee: “Well, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger (as I have rationalized for years), so just survive and you’ll have triumphed.”

Can we see that email? Is that one of the few of tens of thousands she didn’t delete? Whatever, glad to see she’s survived Benghazi, unlike the four Americans she left there to die. Oh, you know what she also survived? Bill getting blowjobs from an intern:

Although preserving her marriage confounded some feminists, Hillary’s approval rating soared to 67 percent in December 1998, the highest it has been before or since. Her husband survived impeachment, and Hillary survived public humiliation and endless speculation about whether she remained married out of love, ambition, or a combination of both.

She’s such a brave survivor, but apparently isn’t able to survive an interview with anyone in the media.

By the way, why did the Washington Post have a sports feature writer do this slobbering profile and not one of their political writers?



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2 Responses to “WaPo Slobbers Over Benghazi ‘Survivor’ Hillary Clinton: ‘Well, what doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger’”

  1. Darwin Akbar on 13/13/15 at 4:03 pm

    “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger ” will make a good campaign slogan. Just ask Christopher Stevens.