WaPo Genius Finally Realizes “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” Was a Total Fabrication

Posted by on Mar 17, 2015 at 7:28 am

Well, that only took seven months. This cat’s a quick learner. Now if he could only alert the rest of the morons pushing this lie.

The unarmed 18-year-old also became a potent symbol of the lack of trust between African Americans and law enforcement. Not just in Ferguson, but in the rest of the country. Lord knows there have been plenty ofrecentexamples. And the militarized response to protesters by local police put an exclamation point on demonstrators’ concerns. But the other DOJ report, the one on the actual shooting of Michael Brown, shows him to be an inappropriate symbol.

Through exhaustive interviews with witnesses, cross-checking their statements with previous statements to authorities and the media, ballistics, DNA evidence and results from three autopsies, the Justice Department was able to present a credible and troubling picture of what happened on Canfield Drive. More credible than the grand jury decision to not indict Wilson. The transcript of his grand jury testimony read like so much hand-holding by the prosecution.

What DOJ found made me ill. Wilson knew about the theft of the cigarillos from the convenience store and had a description of the suspects. Brown fought with the officer and tried to take his gun. And the popular hands-up storyline, which isn’t corroborated by ballistic and DNA evidence and multiple witness statements, was perpetuated by Witness 101. In fact, just about everything said to the media by Witness 101, whom we all know as Dorian Johnson, the friend with Brown that day, was not supported by the evidence and other witness statements.

But hey, the cause is still worthy, or something.

Now that black lives matter to everyone, it is imperative that we continue marching for and giving voice to those killed in racially charged incidents at the hands of police and others. But we must never allow ourselves to march under the banner of a false narrative on behalf of someone who would otherwise offend our sense of right and wrong. And when we discover that we have, we must acknowledge it, admit our error and keep on marching. That’s what I’ve done here.

Gee, thanks.

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One Response to “WaPo Genius Finally Realizes “Hand Up, Don’t Shoot” Was a Total Fabrication”

  1. mike191 on 17/17/15 at 12:43 pm

    Nice try Mr. Capehart. However, Black Lies do matter. You and your ilk conjoined with Sharpton, Holder and this current President have created an abyss in Racial Relationships that will never heal.