Wait, What? Kerry Appoints ‘Email Czar’ to Coordinate Spin for Grandma’s Mess; Update: Donated $2,700 to Clinton Campaign in June

Posted by on Sep 08, 2015 at 1:32 pm

Wait, we though they were totally forthcoming and responsive in providing information? We’ve been waiting on Grandma’s emails since not long after her Benghazi disaster, now almost three years ago to the day. So now we need a czar?

Secretary of State John Kerry has tapped a former career diplomat as an “email czar” to coordinate the State Department response to the myriad of document requests mostly related to former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, which have strained the department’s resources, officials familiar with the appointment tell CNN.

Janice Jacobs will serve as Kerry’s State Department’s Transparency Coordinator, charged with responding to Freedom of Information Act and congressional requests faster and more efficiently and improving the State Department systems for keeping records.

Kerry has sought to balance between trying to ensure the department promptly responds to the various requests without directly undercutting his predecessor and the Democratic party’s presidential front-runner. Privately aides say he has been annoyed at the distraction the controversy has caused for his department, which has at times overshadowed his diplomatic efforts.

One senior official said Jacob’s appointment was “born out of frustration” on Kerry’s part that the State Department has come under fire by federal judges and members of Congress alike for not being responsive to requests by the public and Congress for documents, particularly over the past six months as questions about Clinton’s use of a private email server have prompted an influx of inquiries and lawsuits.

The official added, “He is also bothered frankly by unfair criticism of some of our public servants that have been working hard without enough resources.”

Aww, well isn’t that just too fucking bad. Here’s a crazy idea: How about coughing up the emails so we can move on to prosecuting Mrs. Clinton? By the way, Jacobs is also familiar with Clinton and can be seen seated at center in the photo below. We’re sure she’ll be totally impartial. Here’s a radical idea: How about a neutral party.  Say, an independent counsel/prosecutor?



Update: You cannot be serious:

Speaking of which, Grandma says she’s sorry now, so move along. It’s old news now.


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  1. Plants Crave Brawndo the Thirst Mutilator! on 8/08/15 at 3:39 pm

    Chinese and Russian hackers are laughing their asses off and looking forward to violating the account of the email czar comrade within minutes of it going online.