Two Shot After ‘Mostly Peaceful’ Ferguson Protest

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Well, it’s been awhile since we’ve had mostly peaceful rioting, but the mobs turn restless observing the one-year anniversary of the thug Michael Brown’s death.

Two people were struck by gunfire during a stand off between riot police and protesters on Sunday night in Ferguson, Missouri, after a day of otherwise peaceful rallies commemorating the fatal shooting of an unarmed black teenager by a white officer one year ago.

Several volleys of gunshots rang out as police tried to disperse demonstrators blocking traffic and smashing storefront windows along a street that was a flashpoint of last year’s unrest in the St. Louis suburb following the slaying of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

The origin of the gunfire and condition of the two people shot was not immediately known, police said. One of the victims, a black male who looked to be a teenager or young adult, appeared in a Reuters photo to have been badly wounded.

Anniversary commemorations for Brown had begun hours earlier with a peaceful march through the St. Louis suburb after a moment of silence for the teenager, whose death on Aug. 9, 2014, ignited months of demonstrations and a national debate on race and justice.

The scene changed dramatically after dark with dozens of protesters blocking traffic and smashing store windows along West Florissant Avenue, which bore the brunt of last summer’s rioting, chanting “Shut it down” in the midst of a severe thunderstorm.

A phalanx of helmeted police wearing body armor and carrying shields moved in.Protesters briefly fell away before regrouping to confront the line of officers, who ordered them to disperse.

The protesters, locking arms and edging closer to the police cordon, began throwing water bottles and shouting, “We are ready for war!” Both sides held their ground, and police did not move immediately to make any arrests as clergy members and activists circulated between the two sides appealing for calm.

The otherwise peaceful protesters are ready for war.  It’s almost as if they’re ignoring the Democrat frontrunner, who’s also under criminal FBI investigation.

She’s a regular hero of the mostly peaceful. Get the popcorn ready:

By the way, did we mention the activities in Ferguson were mostly peaceful?

A man who fired at police officers was in turn shot by an officer and is in critical condition today, officials said, after mostly peaceful protests on Sunday to observe the anniversary of the killing of Michael Brown.

It’s noted here one of the thugs shot was a friend of the Gentle Giant.

A friend of Michael Brown is in a ‘critical, unstable condition’ after being shot by police when he used a stolen handgun to fire on officers during a protest to mark the one-year anniversary of the 18-year-old’s controversial death.

St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar said that plainclothes officers were tracking the man at around 11:15 pm, while several hundred people gathered on West Florissant Street to take part in the demonstration.
He added that the man approached the officers, who were in an unmarked police car and opened fire. The officers returned fire from inside the vehicle. They then pursued the man on foot. The chief said the man again fired on the officers and all four fired back.

The suspect has been identified as 18-year-old Tyrone Harris Junior by his father, who revealed that his son was a ‘real close’ school friend of the late Michael Brown. ‘We think there’s a lot more to this than what’s being said,’ Harris Senior was quoted as saying in local media reports.

Footage shot by protester Tony Rice, who was live-tweeting near a McDonald’s under the Twitter name @search4swag, showed a black man lying face down on the floor with his hands cuffed behind his back and a large blood stain on his torso. Two police officers can be seen standing over him with their guns drawn but do not assist him.

Rice, who was arrested for filming the footage, can be heard saying to the officers repeatedly: ‘Please give him some help! He’s bleeding out man, please give him some help.’

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