Transparency! State Department Allowing Shady Clinton Foundation to Approve Emails for Release

Posted by on Apr 30, 2015 at 8:27 am

Sure, this seems on the up and up.

State Department officials began allowing the Clinton Foundation to review emails the government planned to release to Congress and Freedom of Information Act requesters in January 2014, prompting a process that has delayed the publication of agency records for months, according to the group pursuing the records.

Many of the emails Clinton Foundation officials were permitted to review discussed the charity’s work, as well as the hundreds of ethics reviews that former President Clinton faced as a result of his paid-speaking engagements around the world while his wife, Hillary Clinton, was secretary of state.

“On top of the obstruction that is in no small measure criminal in nature — with the hiding, removal and destruction of records by Mrs. Clinton — they are sending these records out to the foundation that are the very subject of these public controversies,” said Tom Fitton.

Once they’re done sorting them out they’ll proclaim innocence and a desire to move on.

Fitton is president of Judicial Watch, a nonprofit government watchdog that has been embroiled in a four-year court battle to obtain State Department records of Bill Clinton’s speeches and interactions with foreign entities.

Judicial Watch said last week that the State Department had handed over to the Clinton Foundation 1,000 emails for review since January 2014. That information came from a small and heavily-redacted batch of State Department emails Judicial Watch obtained through one of its several FOIA lawsuits against the State Department.

Like several other records caches that have been dribbled out of the department in recent months, the emails showed Cheryl Mills — the former Clinton White House aide who left the family foundation to serve as Hillary Clinton’s chief of staff at State before returning to the charity’s board — was routinely involved in official matters concerning both the foundation and the former chief executive’s paid speeches.

Mills was among several Clinton insiders who negotiated an ethics agreement between Hillary Clinton and President Obama before Clinton was appointed secretary of state. The agreement required both the Clintons and their foundation to undergo ethics reviews so State Department officials could determine whether a particular speech or event represented a real or apparent conflict of interest.

A wise GOP candidate would make prosecuting the Clintons a campaign talking point.

Former Clinton White House chief of staff and Obama senior White House counsel John Podesta, who is now chairman of Hillary Clinton’s campaign seeking the 2016 Democratic presidential nomination, represented Obama in the negotiations on the ethics reviews.

The Podesta Group run by John’s brother, Tony Podesta, lobbied the Clinton State Department in 2012 on behalf of Uranium One, a Canadian mining company that was the subject of a New York Times report questioning whether its State-sanctioned takeover by a Russian firm was influenced by the Russians’ heavy donations to the Clinton Foundation.

Hard to imagine how anyone could think these people are corrupt.

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