‘Tone Deaf’ Clinton Roosevelt Island Campaign Restart Forces Out Children’s Event, Could Effect Blood Drive: ‘It’s going to be horrendous’

Posted by on Jun 02, 2015 at 2:08 pm
Hillary Rodham Clinton

Why does Grandma hate children so much?

Hillary Clinton’s campaign didn’t pick the best time to stage a major campaign rally at Four Freedoms Park on Roosevelt Island later this month.

According to the park’s website, a specially planned event for tots called Imagination Playground — which features unique blue building blocks — has been canceled to accommodate the Democratic frontrunner for president.

Also at risk of major inconvenience: an annual celebration called Roosevelt Island Day, which features a blood drive, hot dog stands and free rides for kids.

“It’s going to be horrendous, logistically,” said Sherie Helstien, vice president of the island’s community association, who noted that her community has just one main road.

“I think the campaign should have reached out to the community representatives of 14,000 people — absolutely,” fumed Matthew Katz, former president of the association, and husband of Helstien.

He says residents received no notice from the Clinton camp.

Of course they received no notice? Does anyone think they give a shit? It’s all about Queen Hillary.

“We are not just a memorial and a park. We’re a thriving community of 14,000 people. It’s just tone-deaf to ignore that,” he added.

Ironically enough Katz volunteered for and has voted for her. Maybe he’ll wisen up now.

Volunteers have been signing up blood donors every Saturday in a tradition that began after 9/11. The drive itself will be held at a senior center on June 13, the same day as Clinton’s rally.

“We would hope this would not impact the kind of participation we have for what we’re doing,” Katz said. “This seems to be for a political campaign sort of not particularly savvy in terms of the purpose of the thing — kind of tone-deaf actually,” he continued.

“So we’re hoping that we can, through our local politicians, persuade the campaign perhaps to spend a little time with people. That would be nice.”

Yeah, good luck with that. Normal people would naturally offer to cover the costs of disrupted events, but normal people aren’t as selfish and greedy as Mrs. Clinton.

Here, reportedly, is her reaction to stiffing the kiddies.

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