This is a Thing? Pathetic New Yorkers Take to Craigslist to Find ‘Blizzard Buddies’

Posted by on Jan 27, 2015 at 7:52 am

Well, since this storm was a total bust you should at least be able to escape quickly if you wound up with some weirdo.

New Yorkers in search of company in the midst of winter storm Juno’s powerful winter wallop are turning to the internet to find love among the snowfall.

Men and women alike took to the seedy personals section of Craigslist on Monday as snow began to fall across much of the East Coast.

And as it piled up so did the posts in search of that special ‘blizzard buddy.’

One amorous New Jersey resident hoped a girl stuck in the snowy drudgery in Manhattan might hop over to Jersey City before the trains shut down Monday night.

To entice the lucky lady he posted a photo of himself in a head-to-toe pink Easter bunny costume.

‘Hey,’ the 42-year-old wrote, ‘Don’t be alone this blizzard! I’m your man!’

While Blizzard Bunny took the humor route, other posters used other means to entice someone to their place.

‘I’m a single 29 year old male living on Wall Street and I dont want to spend the blizzard alone,’ another male poster wrote. ‘I have endless amounts of Netflix, HBOGo, Shotime, you name it!’

Television is an enticement to some people? What is this, the early 1950s?

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