This beautiful woman stabbed a random person in the heart and no one knows why

Posted by on Dec 15, 2015 at 1:00 pm

Until the moment she brandished a knife and stabbed a random woman in the heart, few would have had reason to fear “gentle, calm” Rohinie Bisesar.

The well-dressed businesswoman — described as “organized, professional, hard-working and courteous” — walked casually into a drugstore, went straight to her victim and plunged a blade into her chest — a shocking outbreak of violence that police say was “completely unprovoked.”

The victim was shopping and speaking on her phone when the attack occurred.

The Dec. 11 incident has left the victim fighting for her life in a hospital while police in Canada’s largest city hunt for Bisesar, who they warn is “violent and dangerous.”

“She stabbed a complete stranger in the heart, putting her in grave condition in the hospital,” Constable David Hopkinson of the Toronto Police Service told the Globe and Mail. “I’d call that dangerous.”

It is a dramatic escalation for the Toronto woman who has multiple degrees, works as a financial adviser and has no criminal background.

Hopkinson told the National Post that investigators were grappling with what could have motivated the 40-year-old to commit such a brutal attack.

“It is strange,” he said. “We believe it to be a completely unprovoked attack.”

No details of the victim have been released, other than she is younger than Bisesar, possibly in her late 20s.

Bisesar escaped the scene before police arrived. And, according to Hopkinson, she didn’t utter a word to anyone before she left.

“I don’t believe anyone has spoken to her,” he said. “If we catch her, we might be able to establish that there’s something going on in the background here that we don’t know about. But we’ve not found any link.”

He urged her to surrender.

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One Response to “This beautiful woman stabbed a random person in the heart and no one knows why”

  1. Bob F. on 19/19/15 at 11:32 pm

    I have read quite a bit about this woman, and given my professional training, I think it is a classic case of an acute psychotic phase of paranoid schizophrenia. It is a shame that this happened in Canada, where there is universal healthcare.

    Had she been actively involved in treatment and/or hospitalized, an innocent woman would have not lost her life.

    Schizophrenia, while a difficult disorder, is treatable. John Nash, the Nobel Laureate in Economics, suffered from schizophrenia. His story was the basis for the award winning major motion picture, “A Beautiful Mind. “