Third-World Diplomats Shocked How Awful de Blasio’s NYC Has Become: “It’s very shocking to see how it really is”

Posted by on Aug 19, 2015 at 7:23 am
081815-HOMELESS-DM-15   homeless man sleeping on bench in Dag Hammarskjold Plaza, across from UN, on East 46th Street between 1st and 2nd Aves, NYC.  David McGlynn 8/18/15

Welcome to Bill de Blasio’s progressive paradise. It’s taken less than two years to take two decades of progress and turn the city into a third-world shithole.

Great job, Bill.

Diplomats from Third World countries say the area around the United Nations is crawling with more vagrants than their impoverished homelands.

“America is the one of the richest countries in the world, and New York is one of the richest cities. But there are more homeless people here than there are in Gambia,” said that nation’s attaché Alieu Samba, 74, whose African nation ranks 182nd out of 194 global economies.

“When officers come here from Gambia for a meeting, they see all these homeless people laying down on benches. They say, ‘What are they doing there?’ ”

Ivory Coast diplomat Dogu Gnahore, whose country’s poverty rate is more than 40 percent, said that “in Africa, we think of America as a place in the sky.”

“It’s very shocking to see how it really is,” said Gnahore, 53. “I can’t understand how in New York, you can come and see people living on the street.”

A staffer at the Guyanese consulate, Courtney Noel, said homelessness in his impoverished South American country isn’t nearly as glaring as in Manhattan’s Turtle Bay.

“It’s ironic and embarrassing that they’re right in front of the United Nations,” he said.

We’re so old we remember the 1980s, when homelessness was a daily story, and all laid at the feet of that mean old Ronald Reagan. Now in Obama’s America and de Blasio’s New York we have what amounts to a near depression and not a peep from the national media. Weird how that works. But when a Republican is back in the White House it’ll become a national crisis. Just watch.

A diplomat from war-torn Iraq called the hordes of bums “a very painful thing to see.”

“In Baghdad, we have a lot of homeless, too. But at least the social network is very strong there,” he said.

Baghdad. It’s worse than fucking Baghdad.

The superintendent at a nearby apartment building said the number of homeless people in the area had surged recently — and was ruining the Big Apple’s reputation.

“People from 180 other countries come through here and take that image back home,” said ­Mohammed Mroueh, 56.

“They do their laundry, they shave, they shower. You even see them making love under the blankets,” he added.


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2 Responses to “Third-World Diplomats Shocked How Awful de Blasio’s NYC Has Become: “It’s very shocking to see how it really is””

  1. Horkin' Fiber Chunks on 19/19/15 at 2:13 pm

    Did the diplomats receive their free Sandinista! and epic all-time P.O.S. Che Guevara swag and shirt gift packs from Comrade Mayor?

  2. Darwin Akbar on 20/20/15 at 12:26 am

    If my city was being held in open contempt by people from corrupt stinking African hell-holes, I would be boiling tar and plucking chicken feathers. Wake up,New Yorkers!