“The final point about Obama is that he doesn’t look African black”

Posted by on Aug 26, 2015 at 6:42 pm

Such a hot, progressive take on Obama from something called Morrissey.

Rock singer Morrissey on Wednesday said President Obama has not ultimately accomplished anything for blacks in America.

“I can’t see him doing anything at all for the black community except warning them that they must respect the security forces,” the former Smiths frontman said of Obama, according to The Daily Beast.

“This is ludicrous, because the so-called security forces are the Ku Klux Klan to most black Americans,” he said.

It seems evident to me that black males are being deliberately murdered throughout America as a closing message to Obama, telling him that his presidency has meant nothing and that the division of color is now bigger than ever,” Morrissey added.

Thanks, Obama!

“Obama doesn’t see this, but if a white cop shot one of his daughters I don’t imagine he’d be willing to accept the exoneration of that white cop.”

Morrissey also argued that Obama’s status as America’s first black president is suspect given his physical appearance.

“The final point about Obama is that he doesn’t look African black,” he said. “He’s as close to soft whiteness as someone who isn’t white can get, and I often wonder if he would have been elected if he had a stronger, more African-black face? It’s a point.

That’s what he spends his time wondering about? Oof. If this guy still had a career it would be over shortly. He also apparently suffers delusions.

“I think she shows an earnest composure, whereas all of the Republican candidates are dangerously reactionary and occasionally insane,” said Morrissey. “I don’t think Clinton has even begun to dig into the race yet, and when she does she will gain massive support. The world does not want to look at Donald Trump’s face for the years to come.”

But is the world ready to embrace Hillary? “Just to be able to say or hear the words ‘the president, she’ will be a new age of enlightenment for America... even if Margaret Thatcher was so abysmal that she became the first and last female prime minister. British politics will never again trust a woman because of Thatcher. And, in actual fact, it hasn’t.”

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2 Responses to ““The final point about Obama is that he doesn’t look African black””

  1. how soon is now on 26/26/15 at 10:32 pm

    Whorissey will say anything for free press. He did have an album with the opening song America You are Not the World with lyrics saying a black man or a woman will never be president.
    The Smiths were a great band thanks to the musicians and not Whorissey.