Thanks, Obama! ‘We’ve seen a rise in anti-police rhetoric instead of hope and change’

Posted by on Sep 14, 2015 at 7:24 am

Team Obama and their sycophants will be more upset over this statement than they are by the latest murder of a police office.

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker blamed President Barack Obama on Sunday for the attacks on police officers by stating the president has contributed to the anti-police environment in the country.

In an interview with CNN on ‘State of the Union,’ Walker said that Obama has not offered enough support for police who are ‘overwhelmingly doing the right think every day.’

‘I think his absence of leadership, of speaking out on this issue’ has contributed to police being killed, the Republican presidential candidate said.

‘We need a president who first and foremost says that law enforcement professionals across this country are doing the job,’ Walker stated.

‘We need them to keep us safe, we need to have their back, and he has been silent on this and that’s an outrage.’

‘And when you’ve got people say, we have people say ‘pigs in a blanket’ at a rally, ‘fry ’em up like bacon,’ that’s the kind of thing you need to speak out about. You need to say that is wrong.’

Walker was referencing the alleged chant by protesters affiliated with the Black Lives Matter movement in Minnesota in late August.

Marching by the Minnesota State Fair, at the time, the protesters said they were trying to draw attention to police brutality against African-Americans.

Host Jake Tapper countered Walker and said he has heard the president praise police officers.

‘He’s praised them, but he’s not speaking out about the fact that this rhetoric out there,’ Walker replied to Tapper.

Last week, Walker wrote an op-ed arguing that anti-police rhetoric has worsened under Obama’s leadership.

‘We’ve seen a rise in anti-police rhetoric instead of hope and change,’ Walker wrote.

Sadly, he’s all too right, and again last night a Kentucky state Trooper was murdered.

Kentucky State Police identified the victim and suspect in a deadly trooper-involved shooting.

KSP said around 11 Sunday night, Trooper Joseph Ponder pulled over a car for a traffic stop on Interstate 24. Police say the vehicle sped away from the scene and Trooper Ponder followed.

The suspect then reportedly fired multiple shots into the trooper’s cruiser. The rounds hit the vehicle and Ponder multiple times.

Ponder was taken to a hospital in Princeton, Kentucky where he was pronounced dead shortly after.

KSP investigators identified the suspect as Joseph Thomas Johnson-Shanks, 25, from Missouri. He’s described as a black man, standing 5’5″, weighing 140 pounds, with brown eyes and black hair. He was last seen wearing dark clothes.


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  1. Darth Chipmunk on 15/15/15 at 7:51 pm

    “Hope and Change” is working exactly as intended. Just like “equality.” And “Justice.” Now shut up, Cracker.