Team Obama Goes Full Anti-Semite on Schumer

Posted by on Aug 11, 2015 at 7:18 am
President Barack Obama rallies for his longtime friend and political ally, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, who is seeking a second term, Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010, at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)

The vile, angry left is showing their true colors in an ugly display against New York Senator Charles Schumer. This is what happens when you don’t march in lockstep.

Anti-Semitism is all over the drive to make Chuck Schumer shut up about his opposition to the Iran nuke deal.

The lefty site Daily Kos posted a cartoon showing Schumer with an Israeli flag and calling him a “traitor.”

MoveOn argues that “our country doesn’t need another Joe Lieberman in the Senate,” a reference to Connecticut’s ex-senator — who, like Schumer, is Jewish.

White House buddy Fareed Zakaria waved at anti-Semitic stereotypes, saying Schumer’s motive is just “money” — “If he were to support President Obama on this, if he were to support this deal, he knows it would create a firestorm of opposition, particularly among, perhaps, you know, wealthy supporters.”

Of course, Obama himself griped about pressure from “lobbyists” — i.e., Jewish and pro-Israel activists — spending “tens of million of dollars” to stop the deal. He reportedly blamed “the pro-Israel community” for stirring up a fight.

The dual-loyalty smear popped up even before Schumer came out against the deal. A New York Times editorial, for one, talked of the “unseemly spectacle of lawmakers siding with a foreign leader” — Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu — against Obama.

In fact, it’s Obama who’s siding with foreign leaders: Iran’s. At least Israel’s an ally.

Schumer still seems to think he can appease the deal’s supporters by not pushing aggressively for its defeat.

It won’t work. Schumer made a potent case against the deal last week — warning, above all else, that it hands at least $50 billion to an Iranian regime that’s likely to become even more hard-line.

We’re certainly no fans of Schumer, but this crude attack is beyond the pale. Other Obama zombies are joining in the ugliness:

Former top Obama adviser David Plouffe on Monday blasted Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) for opposing the Iran deal, suggesting it makes him unfit to lead Senate Democrats.

Plouffe’s comments came in response to Schumer’s assertion Monday that Obama should go back to the negotiating table with Iran and get a “better” deal.

He called Schumer’s claim naïve and suggested Senate Democrats will miss Harry Reid, the Democratic leader the New York senator is expected to succeed in the next Congress.
“Mitch McConnell will have a field day with this kind of naïveté. We will miss Harry Reid,” Plouffe tweeted.

This is what Democrats get after decades of loyal service. Go against Obama one time and you’re Public Enemy No. 1:

Um, OK.

It won’t be long.

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5 Responses to “Team Obama Goes Full Anti-Semite on Schumer”

  1. enough, already on 11/11/15 at 9:14 am

    Not a Schumer fan, but he deserves a lot of support over his stance on the Iranian Sellout.

    Took some courage to come out against Barky and Valjar, whose venomous filth and heinous minions are beyond the pale.

    Time to fight back.

  2. millard fillmore on 11/11/15 at 9:41 am

    Schemer,as always,is playing a longer game than Urkel the petulant.He is trying to seem like a statesman,which he is not.When the Hillarious campaign implodes,the democrats will be looking for a nominee that seems more statesmanlike than Sandy the socialist,and more believable (for those low info voters who don’t see his cynical game for what it is) than Fauxcahontas and without her strident,Hilleristic way of insulting anyone who disagrees with her.No one outside of an Urkel the petulant voter will fall for this,but there were enough of them,twice.

  3. sans_sheriff on 11/11/15 at 10:36 am

    That’s what long time senators do. Schumer may be a self-serving scumbag, but I’d never call him an idiot. He knows EXACTLY what kind of fool Barry is, and that the wreckage left over from 2016 on will take a long time to rebuild. He’s positioning himself for the long run, nothing more.