Surprise! Wannabe Headchopper’s Imam Brother Brazenly Lied About Police Shooting, Video Confirms

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Yes, it was obvious from the second he posted this he was full of shit:

Clearly, using the “I can’t breathe” bit he was trying to deflect attention that his brother was a terrorist. But that’s how the left and the radical Muslims operate: Get the lie out there, keep repeating it, and it becomes accepted by other lefties, radical Muslims and gullible, sympathetic media.

Religious leaders who have viewed footage of authorities shooting a suspect outside a Roslindale CVS say the video corroborates officers’ accounts of the shooting.

After Usaama Rahim was shot Tuesday morning, a man who identified himself as his brother took to Facebook to say he was shot in the back while talking to his father on the phone. That contradicted an account from police, who said they were forced to shoot Rahim after he refused to drop a military-style knife.

Police showed a surveillance video of the shooting to Boston-area religious leaders Wednesday. They said in a news conference that they did not see Rahim shot in the back or talking on the phone.

“What the video does reveal to us very clearly is that the individual was not on a cell phone, was not shot in the back, and that the information presented by others not on the case was not accurate.”

But there’s never a price to pay for these people who deliberately lie.

Dustin Craun (founder Editor-in-Chief at Ummah Wide) stated,

Usaama Rahim was murdered this morning by the Boston PD (The brother of Oakland’s Lighthouse Mosque Imam Ibrahim Rahim) and instantly the media recycles the FBI narrative that he was under investigation as a “terror-suspect.” The FBI would say that and has said that about any American Muslim they murder because we are all ‘under surveillance.’ Almost 500 police murders in this country in 2015, what a racist and disgusting place this is.”

Before a sliver of evidence is presented they call it a murder, when this dead terrorist was intent on beheading a police officer.

Linda Sarsour Executive Director of the Arab-American Association left the following message for Imam Rahim on his FB page in relation to the alleged killing of his brother,

“we learned this morning of the murder of Usaama Rahim, a Black Muslim brother from Boston. He was shot by Boston Police and FBI. Before you post the media’s perspective or government’s – there are many unanswered questions. They have added a national security component to divide and conquer the movement. At the end of the day, a Black man was shot on a bus stop on his way to work and we should treat this like any other case of police violence. All we want is answers to our questions. ‪#‎StayWoke‬

Well, the video provides their answers, but that won’t suffice. Now they want ‪#‎Justice4Usaama. Yeah, sure they do.

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