Surprise! Clinton Campaign Kickoff Video Used People Without Their Knowledge

Posted by on Apr 15, 2015 at 6:37 am

Is there anything genuine about this horrible woman? Even her campaign team is made up of a bunch of duplicitous frauds who’ve learned well from their pantsuited leader. So this idiotic video they released Sunday used a carefully check-boxed group of people under the pretense she’s got support from all ethnic/gender/sex groups, but somehow along the way they didn’t get around to telling people they were appearing in a campaign ad until it was released.

The lesbian couple who made Page 1 of Saturday’s Post after winning a legal battle over a taxicab kiss were featured in Hillary Rodham Clinton’s campaign-launch video — and were among several people who had no idea their images would be used in the ad.

Kassie Thornton and Christina Spitzer say they were not told the brief clip of them snuggling would wind up in the Clinton’s video, which was released Sunday to formally announce the former first lady’s 2016 bid for president.

The couple say the footage of them was shot in LA a couple of weeks ago by a film crew managed by a personal friend, who didn’t explain why they were ­being recorded.

The pair — who last week each were awarded $5,000 from a cabdriver who verbally abused them for kissing in his car — learned of their role in the video only after another pal called them Sunday.

The attention-seeking duo were happy to be used as campaign props, but at least one other unwitting participant wasn’t exactly thrilled.

But while they were out about their support for Clinton, another person in the video, Sean Bagniewski, isn’t even certain he’s “Ready for Hillary.”

Bagniewski, who jokes in the video about how his dog likes to eat trash, says he was also not told how the video would be used when he was filmed in Iowa.

He was told about his featured role in the ad only minutes before it went live, when he got a call from the Clinton camp.

And he says he’s hoping more Democrats get in the race, including ex-Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley and former Virginia Sen. Jim Webb.

Bagniewski should probably expect his life to become a living hell now. Interestingly enough he’s run for office in Iowa, a fact ignored while CBS portrayed him as some average Joe in a news report. Bangniewski also last week hosted an event for Martin O’Malley, a possible Democrat contender.

One Response to “Surprise! Clinton Campaign Kickoff Video Used People Without Their Knowledge”

  1. Steve S. on 15/15/15 at 11:31 am

    Once again, suppose a Republican had used footage of unsuspecting people. We’d be hearing thunderous denunciations about Republican violations of personal privacy.

    But it’s Hillary, so the press immediately fall to their knees and bow.