Starbucks Pulls the Plug on Disastrous ‘Race Together’ Campaign

Posted by on Mar 23, 2015 at 8:20 am

With any luck they’ll have lost so many customers the notion of trying something so stupid will never again enter their minds. We can only believe the folks at Dunkin Donuts thank them for all th enew customers.

The water got too hot for Starbucks’ ill-defined race crusade.

The java giant is pulling the plug on its controversial “Race Together” campaign, according to a company memo from CEO Howard Schultz.

Baristas were no longer to write “Race Together” on customers’ cups starting Sunday, concluding the most visible part of the company’s diversity and racial equality campaign.

The unorthodox marketing move was supposed to turn the coffee corporation’s stores into impromptu forums for racial dialogues, but even Starbucks staffers seemed confused by it.

Many said they barely had enough time to fill out orders and were never briefed about the campaign before it was launched, the Daily News reported last week.

But all that counts are their feelings. Ironically, some race-baiting clown from St. Louis heaped praise for the failed effort.

The marketing campaign’s backlash included sarcastic tweets revolving around the #RaceTogether hashtag, but the corporation’s intentions did earn support from one community leader in St. Louis, Missouri. Alderman Antonio French, who has remained vocal on ending racial tensions since the shooting death of Michael Brown, applauded the move.

One problem there: There is no Starbucks in Ferguson. Even if there were it would have probably been looted and burned to the ground by now.

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One Response to “Starbucks Pulls the Plug on Disastrous ‘Race Together’ Campaign”

  1. roy_batty on 24/24/15 at 11:54 am

    They will still get their windows broken during the next WTO meeting in Seattle. Schultz cannot immunize Starbucks away from what they are, a coffee connection with high-endish clientele. No amount of Ferguson, Compton, or East LA branches will change that.