Stalinist Mizzou Hack Melissa Click Resigns Courtesy Position, Locked in Office and “Sobbing Could be Heard Through the Door”

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So much schadenfreude, so little time. She wanted to be the big boss lady marching around giving orders. Now she’s behind closed doors playing the victim.

Melissa Click shut herself in her university office on Tuesday afternoon, and sobbing could be heard through the door.

A day earlier, the assistant communications professor at the University of Missouri had helped lead a multitude of activists forming a circle encompassing hundreds of yards to block reporters from an encampment on Mizzou’s Carnahan Quadrangle, following the resignation of University of Missouri System President Timothy M. Wolfe.

A video that went viral Monday evening showed Click calling out for “muscle” to help remove a student journalist from the area. The video sparked a national wave of criticism against Click and other activists.

At 5 p.m. Tuesday, Click emerged from her office and released a written statement apologizing for her actions. She said she had personally apologized to the journalists involved and expressed regret that she had shifted attention from the “students’ campaign for justice.”

“From this experience I have learned about humanity and humility,” Click said.

By then, activists who had shouted “Hey, hey, ho, ho, reporters have got to go” on Monday also had changed their tune. They distributed leaflets urging protesters to respect journalists’ First Amendment rights and to welcome them.

Still, the focus remained on Click, whose fiery demeanor in the video, seemingly in disregard to free speech, had created a sideshow in a story about campus racism and the power of activism.

An online petition calling for her firing was circulating. People had posted her phone number and email address on online forums. Someone had created a Facebook page titled “Hey, hey, ho, ho, Melissa Click has got to go.” Police said she reported receiving threatening and harassing telephone calls.

The Internet hate machine was revving its engine, and university leaders had taken notice.

Internet hate machine? Really?  The only “hate” we saw was this bitch, caught  on camera for the world to see. Meanwhile, this hag has resigned a ceremonial position. She needs to be fired.

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