Sick of Grandma: “I’m utterly tired, tired of the Clintons and the whole establishment”

Posted by on Feb 10, 2015 at 7:54 am
Hillary Rodham Clinton

She’s been on the national stage for nearly 25 years and we’ve yet to hear her honestly answer a single question. Even while she remains in hiding before her media coronation as president, Americans are growing increasingly tired of Mrs. Clinton.

Thirteen Iowa Democrats wearily took their seats here this weekend and discussed among themselves the source of their angst: Hillary Rodham Clinton.

“I’m utterly tired, tired of the Clintons and the whole establishment,” said Carol Brannon, 71, a retired nurse.

Anne Kinzel, 57, a former health-care lawyer, nodded sympathetically.

“The hacks think Hillary is entitled to be president,” Kinzel said. “I think she is one of those people who has lost the sense of why they are in politics.”

As Clinton prepares to launch her all-but-certain 2016 campaign, the former secretary of state remains a favorite of a vast majority of Democrats and the front-runner for the party’s presidential nomination. Still, there is unease among progressives about her largely uncontested ascent.

Seeking an alternative to the juggernaut, this restless Sunday gathering at the Ames public library and others like it are popping up around the country — all part of an effort to draft populist Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) into the race, in spite of her insistence that she will not be a candidate.

The grass-roots movement is being coordinated by Run Warren Run, a joint project of and Democracy for America, two national groups that promote liberal causes and connect activists. In recent months, they have signed up about 250,000 supporters.

We surmise these boobs are in for a rude awakening. As people grow tired of Granny Clinton, is America really going to become excited over a fake Indian nearly the same age?

“I remember going to the initial Obama rallies and I was inspired,” Bert Schroeder, 74, a retired social worker, said during a breakout session. “That was the first time I felt that way in years. I saw his crowds at the Hilton Coliseum at Iowa State and I thought, ‘Wow, this is our moment.’ ”

Raising his arms in exasperation, Schroeder asked, “What happened?”

You got what you voted for, Pops. Meanwhile, the rapidly aging Democrat establishment isn’t exactly connection with the younger set.

“The Democratic Party needs energy. It needs so much more energy, especially with my generation,” Allyson Bowers, 23, said.

The party of youth and energy is the GOP now. These kids just don’t realize it yet.

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  1. Fred Beloit on 10/10/15 at 9:22 am

    “Fred Beloit • a minute ago
    Not at all. Biden for President, I say. The Biden/Pelosi Ticket would be unbeatable. Or the Pelosi/Biden ticket. Pelosi, the first heretic to be elected President. Think of all the good PR, PC, and diversity. And of course Biden riding shotgun.
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