Sexy flight attendants flout safety to flaunt their bodies

Posted by on Apr 01, 2015 at 1:06 pm
Saucy Pics Do More To Undermine Public Confidence In Flying

A Polish newspaper collected these flesh-flashing photos off social media, showing flight attendants and pilots worrying more about sex appeal than the safety of their passengers.

A buxom Russian stewardess showed off her ample assets in one shot, while her colleague lifted her leg high over her head to the delight of smiling pilots, in another shot collected by Polish tab Fakt.

In another picture, a flight attendant hiked up her skirt to show off a thong and frilly red panties — with a grinning male colleague enjoying his view.

Fakt published the pictures in light of last week’s Germanwings tragedy and to question whether all flight crews really have their passengers’ safety as their top priority.


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