SC Democrat on Granny Clinton: “She’s Vladimir Putin compared to Jim Webb or Martin O’Malley. Her access is controlled. The message is controlled”

Posted by on Mar 25, 2015 at 10:04 am
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We have to disagree. Vladimir Putin is much more attractive.

A Reuters-Ipsos poll found that support for Clinton among Democrats had dropped by 15 points since mid-February. Webb, awarded the Navy Cross, Silver Star and two Bronze Stars for bravery in Vietnam, is in favor of gun rights and is skeptical about foreign interventions and has a rugged appeal that could attract working-class white voters who have deserted the Democrats.

When he was elected to the Senate, the thrice-married Webb — whose son Jimmy served as a marine in Ramadi at the height of the Iraq War — had a tense exchange with Bush at a White House reception. Responding to an inquiry about his son from the then president, Webb retorted: “I’d like to get them out of Iraq.”

He left the Senate last year, disgusted by the gridlock in Washington. Dick Harpootlian, a Democratic elder statesman in South Carolina, wants Webb to run.

“The inevitability mantle that Hillary Clinton wears so heavily, as it did in 2008, ends up being a magnet for opposition,” he said. “She’s Vladimir Putin compared to Jim Webb or Martin O’Malley. Her access is controlled. The message is controlled.”

Webb, by contrast, was a “more moderate, saleable candidate” who was low-key, listened and wasn’t “insulated” from the public. “He didn’t come with a cadre of attachés and aides, he didn’t fly in on a private plane. You can’t campaign for president from 30,000ft,” Harpootlian said.

Another senior Democrat in South Carolina who met Webb said: “This email thing is a goldmine for Republicans. There’s a sense of ‘here we go again with the Clintons’.

“They stonewall, dribble it out and then finally come clean. But there’s a problem here — it can be very debilitating if that’s your nominee in a general election.”

But what has she got to worry about? Her slobbering media sycophants won’t lift a finger to investigate her.

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