Sad: NY Daily News Amps Up Insane Jihad Against the NRA, Calls Wayne LaPierre a Terrorist

Posted by on Dec 04, 2015 at 8:12 am

The “newspaper” that can’t find a buyer may as well just close up shop. They’ve gone from journalism to gun control advocacy to downright slander and libel. One would have to think Wayne LaPierre has a case against these lunatics:

Now argue if you want to call the James Holmes and that little shitstain from Sandy Hook “terrorists” or not. But from what we gather Wayne LaPierre has never been convicted of a crime, let alone for terrorism.

The NRA has millions more members than the Daily News has readers, and NRA membership increases daily while this rag’s circulation continues to dwindle. Nakedly slandering people doesn’t strike us as a wise business model.

Laughably, these clowns are talking trash and saying laPierre is ducking them. Do they really expect him to even acknowledge them when they’re calling him a terrorist? We expect they’ll be hearing from his lawyers before long.

Update: We asked a NYDN employee why they’ve gone so far over the edge. He says LaPierre “abest” violence. Yes, really:

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