Rubio: Leave Me Out of Trump’s ‘Freak Show’; Trump Wigs Out Over Scott Pelley

Posted by on Sep 28, 2015 at 9:23 am

Since we all know Donald Trump has zero self-control, this might send him over the edge.

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in an interview broadcast early Monday that he wants no part of fellow GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump’s media circus.

“I’m not interested in the back-and-forth — to be a member or part of his freak show,” Rubio told host Steve Inskeep on NPR’s “Morning Edition.”
“I would just say this: He is a very sensitive person,” he added of Trump. “He doesn’t like to be criticized. He responds to criticism very poorly.”

Trump has set his sights on Rubio amid rising enthusiasm for the Florida lawmaker.

“He’s got the worst voting record in the United States Senate,” Trump said of Rubio on CNN’s “New Day” last week. “He’s never there, meaning he doesn’t work or he’s too lazy to go back and vote.”

“He shouldn’t even be running in this race, as far as I’m concerned,” Trump added. “He’s a kid.”

Trump’s coming meltdown will include lines such as “Rubio’s a loser” and “I’m leading in all the polls.” It’s all he’s got.

Meanwhile, Clownface was pimping his 60 Minutes appearance Sunday night on Twitter. Then came the interview and now he’s retweeting people trashing Scott Pelley.

Like we said, zero self-control.

Asking questions = “disrespect” in Trumpworld.

Now it’s hatred.

We’ll take megalomania for $200, Alex:

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