Robust Vetting: Terrorist Malik Sent Facebook Messages in 2012 Supporting Jihad, Hoped to Join the Fight

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Anyone noticed the Democrats have shut up about “widows and orphans” the past couple of weeks? Weird how a terrorist attack on out soil ruins their lame talking points.

San Bernardino shooter Tashfeen Malik sent at least two private messages on Facebook to a small group of Pakistani friends in 2012 and 2014, pledging her support for Islamic jihad and saying she hoped to join the fight one day, two top federal law enforcement officials said Monday.

The new details indicate U.S. law enforcement and intelligence agencies missed warnings on social media that Malik was a potential threat before she entered the United States on a K-1 fiancee visa in July 2014.

The two Facebook messages were recovered by FBI agents investigating whether Malik and her husband, Syed Rizwan Farook, received any direct encouragement, financial support or specific instructions from foreign terrorist organizations before they carried out the Dec. 2 attacks.

One of the officials characterized the messages as “her private communications … to a small group of her friends.”

The official added, “it went only to this small group in Pakistan.” The official said they were written in Urdu, an official language of Pakistan.

The second official said Malik “expressed her desire” in one of the posts to become a jihadist in her own right.

Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the ongoing investigation into the San Bernardino attack, which left 14 people dead and 22 wounded.

So far, the FBI has found that the couple separately self-radicalized before they met on the Internet, apparently in 2013. FBI Director James Comey told a Senate panel last week that they may have become radicalized far earlier, but he did not disclose the Facebook messages.

On the day of the shooting at the Inland Regional Center, Malik and Farook used Facebook to declare their joint allegiance to Islamic State, the extremist group that controls large parts of Iraq and Syria. The post was later taken down.

Not that any of this matters now since Obama blocks our ability to look at the social media postings of suspicious people looking to enter the country.  Still left largely unreported is the fact Malik attended a radical madrassa in Pakistan: Might her messages have gone to other students? If only we had a means of finding out.

Meanwhile, the woman who recently declared Republicans her main enemy has mysteriously discovered terrorism as an issue recently. Weird.

When Clinton on Tuesday outlines her plan to fight terrorism and combat domestic radicalization, in Minneapolis, she will be hitting on issues more important to independents and Republicans than Democrats. It’s a clear sign the campaign is already working to pitch the former secretary of state to an audience that may not vote in Democratic primaries, but could be swayed to support the Democrat in the general election.

Tuesday’s speech will be the third she has given on ISIS in less than a month. Clinton, according to an aide briefed on the speech, “will propose a comprehensive strategy to counter each step in the process that can lead to a terrorist attack like San Bernardino, from recruitment, to training, to planning, to execution, all while staying true to our values.”

Clinton’s focus on terrorism is a response to terrorist attacks in Paris and San Bernardino that left scores of people dead — and tracks with the overall change in the tenor of the 2016 campaign. Since the attacks, she has stressed the need to step up the fight against ISIS and has pushed for more gun control in the United States.

Guns aren’t the problem. Radical Islamists using them are. Oh, and good luck penetrating the fantasy world bubble liberals live in:

Terrorism “is really not that big of an issue to me,” said Michael Fett, a 33-year old musician who will caucus for the first time in February when he backs Sanders. “We have only had a few terrorist attacks here in America where a significant thing happened.” Fett added that when he caucuses for Sanders on February 1 it will be income inequality and the state of the economy that compel him to stand for the senator, not Sanders’ plan to fight ISIS.

That sentiment was echoed throughout Sanders’ recent trip across Iowa, with Sanders supporters in Dubuque, Waterloo and Mount Vernon all telling CNN that they are more worried about “racist” responses to ISIS — like Republican frontrunner Donald Trump’s proposed ban on Muslims coming into the United States — than they are about actually defeating ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

These people are hopeless.

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