Reminder to the Media: Most Americans Hate You

Posted by on Oct 29, 2015 at 3:19 pm

After Wednesday evening’s disastrous debate a lot of leftwing media clowns are engaging in a collective butthurt today, painfully lacking in any sort of self-awareness how loathed most of them are. A good case in point is NBC House Clown Chuck Todd, who whined that the dressing down the CNBC hacks got was a “premedited attack,” overlooking the fact all the gotcha questions were themselves premeditated.

So while these loathsome buffoons circle the wagons while swirling the drain, it’s worth reminding them how truly despised they are.

The decline in public views about journalists’ contribution to society since 2009 is more pronounced among women than men. Roughly three-in-ten women (29%) say journalists contribute a lot to society’s well-being, down 17 percentage points from 46% in 2009. Men’s views on this are about the same today as they were in 2009.

The decline in the perceived contribution of journalists cuts across partisan leanings, age and education level. Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents as well as Republicans and Republican-leaning independents all are less likely to say journalists contribute a lot to society’s well-being today (down 8 points among Republicans/leaning Republicans and 10 points among Democrats/leaning Democrats).

It’s even worse, we’d argue, for political journalists:


Two years out from this survey it’s probably fair to say they’re still trending downward, especially with two more years of Obama idolatry factored in, not to mention their kid glove treatment of the hopelessly corrupt Hillary Clinton.

As for honesty and ethics, well, they have very little of either:


Sure, they rank not much higher than politicians, but we all know how everyone feels about them. Point being, their snide, sneering and condescending behavior in some debates may have them believing they occupy some moral high ground compared with politicians, but the public holds both groups largely in contempt. So spare us the pity party. Nobody gives a rat’s ass if your feelings are hurt. Do your jobs or be consigned to irrelevance. We can vote politicians out of office, and we can choose to ignore you.

You’re on notice.


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