Reclusive Multimillionaire Hillary Clinton Spotted With Notorious Anti-Vaxxer

Posted by on Feb 04, 2015 at 12:46 pm

Now that the absurd meme that the GOP is against vaccinating children has exploded in the faces of the media/Democrat complex, we may as well have some fun with it. We now know Barack Obama wants to cut funding for vaccination programs by $50 million, so clearly he wants children to die. Then there’s Comedy Central boob Jon Stewart, so clueless and unaware of anything not on a TelePrompter beclowning himself on the latest leftwing nonsense:

Meanwhile, the media’s candidate for president in 2016 chimed in the other night with her monthly tweet, or whoever it really is who tweets for her:

Little did the idiot know she’s easily linked with the most strident, uninformed anti-vaxxer on the planet. We can only assume Mrs. Clinton has no problem with RFK Jr. nuttiness, considering how close the two are:

It’s not like this is a one-time run-in, as these two go way back. Recall The Pantsuit’s “Listening Tour” of 2000, with a series of carefully choreographed appearances around New York that avoided any questions or the slightest bit of scrutiny, because hey, she’s just listening:

What really strikes one with this image is the ravages of decades of drug abuse hadn’t quite destroyed Kennedy yet and years of political failures and Bill’s tom-catting hadn’t quite caught up with Grandma. Fifteen years seems like a lifetime ago for the two of them.

Oh, and she’s not the only Clinton making acquaintance with a guy whose belief in junk science imperils America’s children:


Hopefully Chelsea wasn’t getting vaccination advice from him.

Naturally, His Slickness got in some mugshots with Kennedy, with the women included, of course:


So of course now we should expect the media to grill Mrs. Clinton over her close friendship with Mr. Kennedy, right? Well, assuming she ever comes out of hiding, that is. We’re sure the media will be all over her to denounce Kennedy and any other lunatics on her side who don’t believe in protecting Our Children.

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