Radical: British Consider Arming Police With Tasers to Fight Terrorists

Posted by on Jan 31, 2015 at 8:15 am

You know, this probably will offend the terrorist community and cause hurt feelings.

Every frontline police officer should be offered a Taser to help fight the threat from lone-wolf terrorists, a police leader declared yesterday.

Steve White, who chairs the Police Federation, said evidence of plans to murder officers made the move necessary.

‘The terrorist ideal to get attention no longer relies on an attack being in a place of note,’ he said.

‘It could be in Cheam high street, in any town, in any part of the UK. We know there are more dangerous people out there, preparing to attack police officers and we need to be able to respond to that threat.’

The terrorist threat level for police was raised to severe two weeks ago in the wake of the Paris atrocity and a foiled assault on officers in Belgium.

Since then, police chiefs and junior officers have been considering how to counter the extra dangers.

Last December, a threat was made to kidnap and kill a policeman in the West Midlands. Officers were given extra security briefings and urged not to travel to work in uniform.

Leaders of the Police Federation, which represents rank-and-file officers, will vote next month on a proposal that every uniformed frontline officer should be offered training in the use of Tasers, though some may choose not to carry them.

We know this may seem really nutty to some, but how about arming them with guns?

The police chief, speaking anonymously, told the Guardian: ‘The idea of arming every police officer with a Taser is alien to 200 years of police culture. It is a stepping stone to arming the police – something strapped to your hip that looks like a firearm is a huge shift in what we stand for.’

The bad guys may just die of laughter.


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  1. Jeff S. on 31/31/15 at 5:52 pm

    How many more things could they get wrong?

    Well, there’s this:

    ‘The terrorist ideal to get attention…”

    If you bust on your foundational premise, you don’t have a chance.