Politico Clown Rebrands Granny Clinton as a ‘Wonk Warrior’ Who Plans to Tax the ‘Super-rich in New and Creative Ways’

Posted by on Jun 12, 2015 at 7:54 am

If the fawning Grandma Clinton profile in the Washington Post wasn’t nauseating enough, we also have Clinton propagandist Glenn “Stupid Hat” Thrush offering up some mush in Politico today.

Clinton is no Teddy Kennedy, who suffered the most infamous case of lockjaw in political history when asked why he wanted to be president during the 1980 campaign; Her problem is that she’s far more interested in the how than the why of the presidency, and views her greatest assets as a willingness to engage all participants in a debate and a workmanlike capacity to hammer out policy solutions.

Maybe we’d find out why she wants to be president if she every answered a question from the media. Instead we have clowns like Thrush imagining why.

Clinton’s big speech will be a rare opportunity to change that narrative. It will be held at New York’s Roosevelt Island—a none-to-subtle signal that she’s aligning herself with FDR, the boldest of Democratic presidents and the one who established the deepest personal connection with voters—something Clinton has struggled to do throughout her three-decade career. And she’ll do so with a broad progressive agenda, her advisers told me, studded with policy proposals to be unveiled in greater depth in a series of speeches this summer, starting with an ambitious plan to cut student debt and lower tuition and a program to coax corporations into paying their workers more. Clinton’s staff believes this is where the campaign will be won or lost—it will signal to voters, and to ideologically driven Obama donors, that she’s every bit as committed to their cause as Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders—or the Hillary Clinton of 1993 for that matter.

Her advisers tell Thrush what he wants to hear. Note the candidate didn’t even take questions from one of her most obvious media propagandists.

This isn’t some pro forma exercise for Clinton, who started her professional career working on child welfare programs and sits, poolside, with briefing books when she’s on vacation.Policy is what Hillary Clinton lives for, and her team is committed to portray her as a wonk warrior, which has the added virtue of being true. In 2008, the candidate emphasized her inevitability and her toughness (she was obsessed with the idea that male voters would view a woman as a weak potential commander-in-chief), but for 2016, she’s building her strategy around a series of domestic policy rollouts.

Wonk warrior? Really? For all the happy talk and policy pablum these blowhards come up with, all she’s offering are stale old leftist ideas. To wit:

But many on Clinton’s team believe she has wide latitude for action, especially when it comes for taxing the super-rich in new and creative ways, citing public and private poll data; indeed, chief pollster Joel Benenson’s last presidential campaign, Obama’s victorious 2012 reelection, was rooted in a pledge to raise high-end taxes, and he’s told his new colleagues that the environment is even more favorable now.

Taxing people in new and creative ways? Why that should help boost the moribund economy.




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