‘People in the party all hate him’

Posted by on Mar 09, 2015 at 8:01 am
Andrew Cuomo

Hard to believe nobody likes such a warm, fuzzy guy like Andrew Cuomo, huh?

Top New York Democrats are whispering for the first time that Hillary Rodham Clinton may not be their presidential candidate next year. And while they’re far from agreeing on who it might be, they do agree on one thing: It won’t be Gov. Cuomo.

“People in the party all hate him,’’ one of the state’s best-known Democratic operatives told The Post.

A prominent Democratic elected official added, “There’s an ABC factor at work here. It’s ‘Anybody but Cuomo’.’’

In a series of interviews remarkable for their hostility toward Cuomo, several top Democrats well known to the public told The Post that should Clinton be forced to abandon her quest for the presidency by the scandal over her private State Department e-mail accounts, there is no clear alternative for New Yorkers.

“It could be a big progressive type like [Mass. Sen.] Elizabeth Warren or [Mayor] de Blasio and maybe [former Maryland Gov.] Martin O’Malley or [Attorney General] Eric Schneiderman — there’s no clear choice,’’ said a New York City-area Democratic activist.

“But who it won’t be is Andrew Cuomo,’’ the activist added.

Seems to be a safe bet.

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