Pathetic: Army of 20 Aides Helping Obama ‘Establish a Digital Identity’

Posted by on Nov 09, 2015 at 7:49 am

God only know how much money is being invested here to try and prop up this clown after seven years.

As the Internet exploded recently with the story of the 14-year-old Muslim boy arrested for taking a homemade clock that was mistaken for a bomb to his school in Texas, President Obama’s small army of social media specialists wasted no time.

From their office in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building, Mr. Obama’s aides determined that the president should swiftly tweet about the clockmaker, Ahmed Mohamed, whose distraught expression and handcuffed wrists were feeding a national debate about ethnic and religious profiling. “Cool clock, Ahmed,” Mr. Obama said in a message posted on Twitter hours later from his personal account, @POTUS, to his nearly five million followers. “Want to bring it to the White House?”

Hey, Ahmed, cool clock, bro. By the way, has the Times notice Ahmed never built that clock and he’s now fled to Qatar?

Although the president seldom posts his own tweets, and White House officials would not say who wrote the one about Ahmed, the tweet reflected a push at the White House to build up a social media presence for Mr. Obama in his own voice. The goal is to bring a sense of spontaneity and accessibility to one of the world’s most choreographed and constricted positions.

We were promised the most transparent administration ever and they won’t reveal which moron tweeted to Clock Boy.

Leading the charge is Mr. Obama’s Office of Digital Strategy, a team of roughly 20 aides who spend their days managing his Twitter account and the White House Facebook page, Instagram account and YouTube channel. Led by Jason Goldman, a 39-year-old former executive at Twitter, Blogger and Medium, the team has a variety of tasks, including live-tweeting presidential speeches in 140-character squibs from the White House Twitter account and using analytics to track which issues may be most ripe for a web video or graphic and then producing them. More than anything else, they are looking for ways to establish a digital identity for Mr. Obama. They say the old conventions of White House communications — a major policy address, a television or newspaper interview or a written statement — are less and less effective.

Seven years into his failed presidency and they’re still trying to find how to establish his online identity. Great.

“One of the things he wanted to do was to open the White House, to pull the curtains back and show people how government works, and this was a natural progression in that,” Jennifer Psaki, the communications director, said of Mr. Obama. “He’s always coming to us and looking for ways to engage, and it is a challenging thing to do from the White House, because you’re running the country.”

OK, then pull the curtains back and tell us who it was who tweeted to Clock Boy.


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