Oof: Clinton Slush Fund Took $10 Million From African Church Which Likens Gays to Devils

Posted by on Jun 04, 2015 at 12:05 pm
Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton reacts as she is introduced before speaking at a campaign event for U.S. Senator Kay Hagan in Charlotte

Gee, considering Grandma just recently embraced gay marriage this ought to get messy. Nah, who are we kidding?

Hillary Clinton’s charity accepted a substantial donation from an anti-gay African church which has likened homosexuals to the Devil, Daily Mail Online can reveal.

The 2016 Presidential candidate took money for her sprawling health nonprofit from the Cameroon Baptist Convention whose official policy is that being gay ‘contradicts God’s purpose for human sexuality’.

The devout Christian organization has in the past compared being gay to committing incest and human trafficking. Its leaders have also railed against US attempts to promote gay rights in Cameroon.

Despite this, the Cameroon Baptist Convention Health Board gave between $1million and $10million between 2010 and this year, according to the latest list of donors from the Clinton Health Access Initiative.

The disclosure will be awkward for Mrs Clinton who has publicly stated that she supports gay marriage.

Well, it won’t be reported anywhere her supporters get their “news,” so it’ll be like it never happened.

The CBC’s views on gay people are laid out in a letter from December 2013 signed by both the organization’s president Joseph Chebonkeng and the general secretary Godwill Ncham.

It reads: ‘As a church we uphold the belief that marriage is celebrated between a man and a woman.

‘We uphold the principle that sexual intercourse outside of marriage, sexual promiscuity, adultery, homosexuality, sexual exploitation, same sex marriage, incest and sexual perversion contradict God’s purpose for sexuality.’

In an interview with a Cameroon news website Rev Chebonkeng goes further when asked to comment on the question: ‘Spiritually speaking, where do you think the idea of homosexuality is coming from?’

He says: ‘It is coming from the Devil because it is not prescribed by the Bible which means that if you practice unorthodox things, these are things that are coming from the dark world and they know what they do with such things, because, it is unthinkable.

‘Only recently, Cameroonians began to know that a man can get married to a man. And many people confront me to ask what it means for a man to get married to a man?

You begin to imagine some devilish type of a thing. I think that Cameroonians should be resolute on issues of homosexuality and these are not practices that are common in our societies.

 The Clinton Koolaid drinkers will be having none of it:

Still voting for Hillary. These pathetic attempts to smear her wont sway us loyal supporters.

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One Response to “Oof: Clinton Slush Fund Took $10 Million From African Church Which Likens Gays to Devils”

  1. Hank on 4/04/15 at 1:29 pm

    Well, it’s that same way that corporations and individuals accused of racism can buy absolution by giving money to Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton.