Oklahoma Headchopper Wants to Plead Guilty and Be Executed

Posted by on Oct 27, 2015 at 8:28 am
FILE - This Oct. 1, 2014, file photo provided by the Cleveland County, Okla., Sheriff's Department shows Alton Nolen, who has been charged in the Sept. 25, 2014, beheading death of his co-worker, Colleen Hufford, at a food processing plant in Moore, Okla. An Oklahoma judge will convene a non-jury trial scheduled to begin Monday, Oct. 26, 2015, to determine whether Nolen is mentally competent to be tried for first-degree murder.  (Cleveland County Sheriff's Department via AP, File)  MANDATORY CREDIT

By all means, let’s grant him his wish, asap.

A Muslim murder defendant accused of beheading a co-worker at a Moore food plant wants to plead guilty and be executed, a psychologist revealed Monday.

“Death is nothing,” Alton Alexander Nolen told the psychologist, according to her testimony. “We all have to die. … This world is something to be enjoyed briefly.”

Nolen, a Muslim convert, wants to accept the death penalty because of his religious beliefs, psychologist Jeanne Russell told a judge. “That is what he said,” she testified.

The testimony came on the first day of Nolen’s competency trial before the judge. The Tulsa psychologist was hired by his defense attorneys to examine Nolen.

She has concluded he is mentally incompetent, mostly because he refuses to work with his attorneys in preparing a defense.

“He’s not trying to fight it,” Russell testified. “He’s saying, ‘I’ll take the death penalty. That’s it.’ “

OK, then, death it is. But just watch how many confused lefties come to his aid and try to spare him.

Nolen, 31, of Moore, is accused of going on a rampage at Vaughan Foods on Sept. 25, 2014. He had started working at the Moore food distribution plant in January 2013 while at a halfway house for felons finishing prison sentences, records show.

Prosecutors allege he acted out of revenge shortly after he was suspended for racial remarks. Police reported in a court affidavit Nolen “openly admitted” he beheaded a co-worker, Colleen Hufford, 54, of Moore, with a large kitchen knife and attempted to behead another co-worker, Traci J. Johnson.

The attack ended when he was shot by the company’s chief operating officer, authorities said.

The psychologist interviewed and tested Nolen on May 28 and June 30 for a total of seven hours. She testified he scored 62 and 69 on IQ tests and is mentally retarded, a term still used in Oklahoma law even though it has become offensive in society.

We’re more offended by people being beheaded than someone being called retarded. Crazy, we know.


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