Obama Trainer Channels North Korean Propagandists: President ‘Believes in Raging Against Death … Likes to be Pushed Hard’

Posted by on May 06, 2015 at 1:02 pm

Kim Jong-Un just called Obama and said, “c’mon, man, this is embarrassing.”

President Obama’s personal trainer says the commander in chief doesn’t mind breaking a sweat.

“He believes in raging against death at this point,” Cornell McClellan tells TMZ Sports of the 53-year-old Obama. Calling him “an overachiever,” McClellan added of the executive mansion resident, “He likes to be pushed hard, and I push him hard.”

According to McClellan, Obama’s not the only one at the White House who doesn’t have a hard time clocking in at the gym. He says the first family “love to work out so much,” making the fitness guru’s job “very easy.”

We’re also told Obama’s a bookworm or something, which doesn’t hold up to the slightest scrutiny. By the way, these media idiots tend to have a short memory.

A fellow gym user snapped a few covert shots and video of President Obama lifting weights at a 5-star hotel in Warsaw, Poland — evidently without being seen by the president’s security team — thenposted them on his Facebook page.

The leaked photos show Obama, in a dark blue track suit and white T-shirt, lifting dumbbells while surrounded by several people in the Marriott Hotel’s luxury gym.

A video apparently taken at the same time shows the president wearing headphones as he grimaces while performing various weightlifting exercises.

He strains mightily to hoist up 10 pounds but he’s raging against death, yo!

Click for the full rage against death effect.


Hilarious. Next thing they’ll tell us he had 18 holes-in-one playing golf.

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