NY Times Finally Covers Gruesome Planned Parenthood Story Only to Concern Troll Over Backlash Against GOP

Posted by on Jul 16, 2015 at 7:04 am

Because it’s the GOP that supports killing babies and harvesting their organs, right?

Political reporter Jackie Calmes, a prime defender of Democrats from her New York Times perch, suggested in Wednesday’s edition that an undercover video exposing Planned Parenthood harvesting body parts of aborted babies would mean “political danger” for Republicans if it means the abortion “issue is revived.”

An undercover video made by a pro-life activist group caught Dr. Deborah Nucatola of Planned Parenthood — a massive abortion provider that receives taxpayer money —  explaining how her organization procures and sells organs from aborted babies.

Yet Calmes not only played the shocking revelations as a purely political issue — as opposed to a moral or ethical one — but suggested any emphasis on the gruesome practice would backfire on Republicans. (The Times treated another moral issue, the killing of four Americans in Benghazi, Libya, as a partisan issue as well.) Calmes even managed to avoid describing Planned Parenthood as an abortion provider, saying only that its “wide-ranging health services include breast cancer tests.” The word “abortion” came up once — in a story that was all about abortion — and even that was in the phrase “abortion opponents.”

It’s not as if this nonsense isn’t predictable:

Weird how the left isn’t concerned that selling murdered baby parts won’t reflect badly on Democrats, you know, the party that supports this.

As conservatives condemned Planned Parenthood for what they called “selling baby parts,” the reaction threatened to incite the sort of opposition that has led congressional Republicans in recent years to try to shut down the government unless Planned Parenthood was stripped of federal money.

But those fights were ultimately seen as backfiring against Republicans, especially given broad support for Planned Parenthood among suburban women. That suggested the political danger for the party if the issue is revived.

Congress will be looking into this, so expect another Democrat clownshow squealing about a War on Women. It’s so predictable.

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