Netanyahu speaks the truths Obama denies

Posted by on Mar 04, 2015 at 1:09 pm

This is the real world, unraveling before our eyes, and to see it clearly is to understand why Iran cannot be allowed to get the bomb. Its vow to destroy Israel and America must be taken seriously.

Look at the death and destruction it has caused already, and it defies common sense to believe Iran would be more peaceful with the bomb. Driven by the will to dominate, it cannot be trusted to restrain doomsday weapons.

Which brings us back to Obama. His willingness to grant Iran a soft deal is a malignant example of his refusal to accept the role of Islam in Islamic terrorism. As writer Fred Siegel recently scoffed, the president is insisting that he is an “expert on legitimate Islam” and “assuming his role as Defender of the Islamic Faith.”

Even if well-intentioned, these are not harmless mistakes. Obama’s rigid ideology and faith in his own powers of redemption are blinding him to the results. It is why he has been slow to confront both the Islamic State and the Islamic Republic.

Instead of recognizing his mistake, Obama complains about alarmist media accounts and warns that, because of the Crusades, Christians should be wary about getting on their “high horse” over Muslim atrocities.

All this is sophistry designed to deflect responsibility away from the Oval Office, even as it makes cataclysmic nuclear war more likely.

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