Muslim terrorists slaughter tourists at Tunisian museum

Posted by on Mar 18, 2015 at 1:01 pm

At least 17 tourists were killed in the Tunisian capital on Wednesday morning in a terrifying attack by Islamic terrorists who stormed the country’s national museum, officials said.

Two heavily armed men barged into the Bardo Museum, which is adjacent to the Tunisian parliament building in Tunis, with assault rifles and opened fire on more than a dozen foreign visitors. They eventually hunkered down inside the museum.

A tense, three-hour hostage situation finally came to an end when Tunisian authorities stormed the museum killed the two militants.

Interior Ministry spokesman Mohamed Ali Aroui told Radio Mosaique said that the attackers were Islamists.

Radio Mosaique initially reported heavy gunfire around and inside the parliament building shortly before the militants made their way into the Bardo Museum. Witnesses said all three men were wearing military-style clothing and posing as soldiers when they made their assault.

Local media also reported that the militants were Islamists, according to CBC News Canada.

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