Monmouth Poll: Majority of Americans Support Criminal Investigation of Hopelessly Corrupt Hillary Clinton’s Email Shenanigans

Posted by on Aug 12, 2015 at 9:34 am
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There is absolutely zero good news for Granny Clinton here except for maybe there are still some diehard Koolaid drinkers on the Democrat side still defending this likely criminal.

Most Americans surveyed in a new poll think that Hillary Clinton’s emails should be subject to a criminal investigation for the potential release of classified information. But a majority also said they believe Clinton used her personal email account while secretary of state as a matter of convenience, not because she had something to hide.

According to the results of a Monmouth University survey released Wednesday morning, 52 percent of registered voters think that Clinton’s emails should be investigated in a criminal probe, while 41 percent think it should not be. Just over half (51 percent) said that Clinton used her personal email account as a matter of personal convenience, while 38 percent said her actions suggest that the former secretary of state was trying to conceal information.

Of all groups polled, Republicans are following the Clinton email story most closely, with 78 percent saying they have heard a lot about it, compared to 56 percent of Democrats and independents each. Overall, 61 percent of registered voters said they have seen a lot about the developments.

By the way, this poll was conducted over a week ago, before Tuesday evening’s bombshell developments. We can only imagine how bad the numbers are now.

Are Democrats comfortable forging ahead for the next 15 months with a secretive, suspicious women possibly under indictment as their 2016 nominee? We hope so. There’s a double does of good news for the GOP here. One, they can relentlessly pound on her as corrupt if she’s the nominee. Second, if Obama’s so-called “Justice Department” fails to aggressively pursue the case they can use that as a campaign issue. A win-win.

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